Tennis Court Cleaning in NY & CT

If you own or manage a tennis court, you know that keeping the court surface clean is about more than just looks. It’s preventative maintenance. We know what it takes to preserve your tennis court surface and restore to be like new.


Professional Tennis Court Maintenance

We provide professional tennis court cleaning services in New York State in the Port Chester and Westchester County area (Also South-Eastern Connecticut).

Proper maintenance is key to keeping a fully functional and beautiful tennis court for your facility (or home). With our delicate soft wash technique, we can safely remove build up from your court without damaging the surface.

Whether you’re a facility owner, manager, or homeowner with a tennis court, please inquire to set up a consultation.

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Save on Resurfacing Costs

Don’t wait until your white lines are cracking or your court surface is too far gone that it needs to be completely resurfaced. Resurfacing a tennis court can be quite expensive. By having our team soft-wash the court surface you can greatly extend the life and visual appeal of your tennis court. Make an annual soft wash a part of your preventative maintenance program. Reap the benefits and save!

Reduced Cost to Maintain a Pristine Surface

Decorative Bars

Consistent Visual Appeal and Attractiveness

Decorative Bars

A Better Overall Playing Experience

Decorative Bars

Like New. Every Time!

Recreational Outdoor Court Maintenance Tips

Adding our tennis court surface cleaning service to your maintenance plan will go a long way towards extending the life of your court-top. To make the most of its longevity, here are some other helpful tips to keep your recreational facility looking its best year after year:

Stateline Pressure Washing

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