Commercial Exterior Cleaning

Your Clients & Customers Expect Cleanliness

64% of retail shoppers have avoided a business based on the cleanliness of its exterior.

This means that by merely keeping your building clean you are opening the door for a significant increase in potential customers.

Our professional pressure washing service is ideal for retail locations, office buildings, churches, hotels, manufacturing facilities, government institutions, and rental properties.

Our experience in dealing with all types of building materials gives us the advantage for making sure your business’s exterior represent the pristine environment you want for your customers.

Serving across state lines between New York and Connecticut in the Rye Brook, NY & Greenwich, CT area.

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Decorative Bars

Exterior Surface Materials We Clean

Decorative Bars
Greenwich CT Pressure Washing

Building Exterior

If you have build-up or debris on the outside of your building, our pressure washing service will target it for removal and leave you with an attractive and clean exterior that customers will love.

Fresh Clean Parking Lot

Parking Lot & Sidewalks

Parking lots see a ton of traffic. This leads to all kinds of dirt, stains, and build-up. Renew and clean these practical and valuable surfaces with Stateline Pressure Washing.

Large Concrete Stairs

Ornamental & Hardscapes

Your building may be surrounded by landscape and hardscape elements such as stairs, columns, barriers, retaining walls, dividers and more! We are happy to clean these for you! 

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