Residential Exterior Cleaning

Same Old House, Just Cleaner!

Do you ever feel like those ‘hard to clean’ spots on the outside of your home just keep multiplying? Or that those driveway stains just aren’t washing away with the rain?

The task of cleaning your home’s exterior is a daunting one. With the mystery black stuff, the fall risks, the time it takes… It’s enough to drive you crazy.

Don’t stress about it, call Stateline Pressure Washing. Our residential exterior cleaning services are perfect for taking care of all of your “hard-to-reach” spots, and all of your “I-don’t-want-to-do-it” spots! 

Serving across State Lines between New York and Connecticut in the Rye Brook, NY & Greenwich, CT area.

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Decorative Bars

Our Outside Surface Targets:

Decorative Bars
Nice Clean Home Exterior

Roof & House Cleaning

If you have build-up or debris on your shingles or the outside of your home, our pressure washing service will target it for removal and leave you with a clean exterior that you can be proud of.

Driveway and home exterior power wash

Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Decks, patios, and driveways get tons of traffic. This leads to all kinds of dirt, stains, and build-up. Renew and clean these practical and valuable surfaces with Stateline Pressure Washing.

Solar panel pressure washing

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels operate more efficiently when they’re clean. Since they’re exposed to the elements all year long you’ll need help to keep the panels clean for maximum output.

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